1980 Trans Am Gallery

In theory all 6 colors of decals were available on all 12 colors offered on the Trans Am (using the D60 Color and Trim, Incompatibility Override) making 72 possible color variations.  Include the Turbo Style bird and the special Pace Car decal and this increases to 145 possible variations.  Many were probably never made, for example a Solar Gold TA with a blue bird.  As we collect more examples we will publish them here.  For now, here are all the variants collected.  If you have a unique color combination not displayed here please send us a copy and we will post it here!

Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Edition Black and Gold Special Edition
Cameo White - Blue Cameo White Turbo - Blue
Cameo White - Burgundy Cameo White Turbo - Burgundy
Note: Convertible conversion is not stock
Cameo White - Gold Cameo White Turbo - Gold
Cameo White - Red Cameo White Turbo - Red
Cameo White - Silver Cameo White Turbo - Silver
Carousel Red - Gold Carousel Red Turbo - Gold
Carousel Red - Red Fiero Bronze -Silver
Fiero Bronze -Bronze Fiero Bronze Turbo -Bronze
Francisco Red - Gold Francisco Red Turbo - Gold
Francisco Red - Red Francisco Red Turbo - Red
Francisco Red - Silver Montreaux Maroon - Maroon
Montreaux Maroon - Gold Montreaux Maroon Turbo - Red
Montreaux Maroon - Silver Montreaux Maroon Turbo - Silver
Nightwatch Blue Turbo - Gold Nightwatch Blue Turbo - Silver
Nightwatch Blue - Blue Nightwatch Blue Turbo - Blue
Ontario Gray - Blue Ontario Gray Turbo - Red
Ontario Gray - Silver Ontario Gray Turbo - Silver
Platinum Silver- Blue Platinum Silver - Burgundy
Platinum Silver - Gold Platinum Silver - Red
Platinum Silver - Silver Platinum Silver Turbo - Silver
Solar Gold - Gold Solar Gold Turbo - Gold
Starlight Black - Gold Starlight Black Turbo - Gold
Starlight Black - Red Starlight Black Turbo - Red
Starlight Black - Silver Starlight Black Turbo - Silver
Tahitian Yellow Turbo - Blue Tahitian Yellow - Gold
Tahitian Yellow - Red Tahitian Yellow Turbo - Gold
Tahitian Yellow Turbo - Red Tahoe Blue - Blue
Tahoe Blue Turbo - Silver Tahoe Blue Turbo - Blue